8 Tips and 10 Websites for Finding a Good DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI, you will likely use the internet and websites like ours to find DUI lawyer information. A good DUI lawyer will have experience defending others and will understand the technical aspects of DUI law.

In this quick guide at Low Cost Legal, we wanted to share tips for finding a good DUI attorney, as well as a list of 8-10 informational sites like our own, to help you locate and hire an Attorney who can help you the most.

8 tips for finding a good DUI lawyer

1. Look for someone with experience
Experienced DUI lawyers know your rights and what to look for in a case and have been tried and tested. They will be familiar with what types of arguments are successful in court. DUI cases can be complex, so it is important that the lawyer knows the law.

2. Ask friends and peers for recommendations
Speak with friends who have either been charged with a DUI, or have connections to law enforcement. They should be able to refer you to attorneys who have good reputations, and who provided top quality representation to them or another friend in the past.

3. Meet with the DUI lawyer
Try to arrange a face to face meeting with a DUI lawyer. Many DUI lawyers will schedule free consultations. Make sure your lawyer is someone you are comfortable with before you hire them.

4. Successful Track record
Look for a DUI lawyer who has a track record of successfully defending their clients. You want to find a DUI lawyer who will fight for your rights.

5. Cost of Services and Representation
DUI lawyer cost is an important consideration. Look for a DUI lawyer who has reasonable fees and can explain the basis for their fees.

6. Read reviews
Search for online reviews about the various DUI lawyers. While some reviews may be questionable in their veracity, others may provide helpful insight.

7. Look at their website
Most DUI lawyers have website. Review the DUI lawyer’s website to learn more about them and what services they provide.

8. Ask for lawyers’ opinions
In searching for a DUI lawyer, ask other lawyers who they recommend and who they warn against. Many lawyers will be very candid about others in their profession.

In addition to the 8 tips above, we have an article dedicated to locating a good DUI Attorney on our site also.

12 websites for finding a good DUI lawyer

1. Avvo.com
Avvo.com is a popular website to search for attorneys. Avvo includes helpful information and reviews from clients and other attorneys.

2. Lawyers.com
Lawyers.com allows for various search options for attorneys. It also includes exclusive reviews that may be helpful.

3. Martindale.com
Martindale.com allows you to search attorneys and firms. It lists experience and credentials for many attorneys.

4. State bar websites
Many state bar websites will include attorney directories with practice areas. This can help you locate an attorney in your area.

5. LowcostLegal.com
Our own site contains many informative articles for searching out and hiring the right DUI attorney when you need one.

6. FindLaw.com
lawyers.findlaw.com allows you to search attorneys by location and practice area. This site also provides basic information about various legal topics.

7. Nolo.com
Nolo.com provides basic information about a variety of legal topics. You can also search for DUI lawyers listed in the attorney directory.

8. Legalpriceguide.com
The DUI/DWI section of the legal price guide website helps you learn how much a good lawyer will cost for dui representation and many other legal issues that may crop up in life.

9. Justia.com
Justia.com provides many resources to help individuals learn more about the law. It also includes question/answer dialogues with answers from attorneys. You can also search for a DUI lawyer in their database.

10. Bestlawyers.com
This website lists individuals who satisfy certain criteria and have been nominated for their work in the legal field. You can search attorneys by name, location and practice area.

11. DUI Lawyer Locator
duilawyerlocator.com allows you to come into direct contact with a DUI lawyer in your area. Through this website, DUI lawyers will contact you after you submit basic information.

12. Google
Google is often the starting point for many in their search for a DUI lawyer. Google also may provide online reviews from other google users who rate and review the lawyer’s work.

By following the 8 tips listed above and searching the listed websites, you should be able to find a DUI lawyer who can assist you with your case. If you have tips of your own, share them below – we love hearing about visitors and clients who have had success finding a low cost DUI lawyer, and how they did it.