Cheap & Affordable Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers are attorneys that assist clients in the entire process of filing and completing a bankruptcy. They will help a potential client determine if filing for bankruptcy is their best option or if trying to pay off debts makes more sense for their long-term financial pictures. Since many people who file for bankruptcy are already in financial distress, it’s important to find an affordable bankruptcy attorney to handle your case. Most law offices that handle cases like this have a set rate they charge for reviewing and filing personal bankruptcy.

Once it has been determined that filing for bankruptcy is the right choice, the bankruptcy attorney will provide the client with a list of documentation that they will need to come up with. The client will need to provide a complete list of all those that they are indebted to as well as a complete list of all their financial assets. The attorney will complete the application for bankruptcy, go over it with the client, get their signature and file it with the court. Finally, bankruptcy lawyers represent their clients in court and assist them all the way through the discharge of their bankruptcy.

Do You Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is fairly complicated in most states. There is a lot of paperwork and everything has to be prepared very thoroughly and precisely. While in some states DIY bankruptcy is an option, it is not recommended. When individuals handle their own bankruptcy filing without the assistance of bankruptcy attorneys, it often goes poorly. Applications are frequently denied for being improperly filled out or filed. Debts can get overlooked and thus not discharged, meaning the individual is still responsible for them. If a home has been sold in the few years prior to the bankruptcy, things can be very complex. Sometimes individuals are denied bankruptcy altogether when they don’t go about it wisely with the advice of a competent, experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Keep in mind also, that in most states a person is not allowed to file for bankruptcy again for a set number of years – often 5-10. If your bankruptcy isn’t handled correctly and you still have burdensome debts, your long-term financial situation could be greatly harmed. There are affordable bankruptcy attorneys who “pay for themselves” in the money and hassles they save you through their work on your behalf. It makes sense to at least discuss your case and your options with several affordable bankruptcy attorneys before deciding what to do.

Finding Low Cost Bankruptcy Lawyers

Most attorneys have set fees for bankruptcy. Call several and ask about fees. You’ll find some cheap bankruptcy attorneys and some high-cost ones. If the affordable bankruptcy attorneys have good experience and proven success in helping their clients, then they should be strongly considered. In some cases, when a client is in extreme financial difficulty and cannot pay for a bankruptcy filing, the attorney may offer pro bono work. This means they’ll handle the bankruptcy case for free. You can find pro bono bankruptcy attorneys in most areas of the country. They don’t do all their work pro bono, of course, but under certain conditions they will take on free work. Be sure that they are competent and successful in what they do.

Take some time to discuss your situation with several bankruptcy attorneys. Let them know what you can afford. You’ll likely find some very skilled, low-cost bankruptcy lawyers or even pro bono bankruptcy lawyers who are willing to help.