Low Cost, Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers can be expensive and since both parties need a lawyer costs can escalate quickly. In many divorce cases, where the parties are in agreement, you may want to consider using your regular family law attorney. Most family law attorneys handle divorce cases and should be a lower cost alternative to a specialized divorce attorney. In a simple, uncontested divorce, where all parties can agree on the basics, your family lawyer could be the way to go. In cases where everyone is in full agreement on all the terms of the divorce, you may even be able to both use the same family lawyer to draw up and file the papers. But be aware, that when both parties use the same attorney, this may leave the door open to a future contested divorce problem. Make sure that you are really in full agreement and spell it all out completely in the paperwork.

Divorce attorneys are involved in the entire process, from filing for divorce – or responding to being served with divorce papers, to settling the divorce in an equitable manner. They may also get involved even after the settlement if disputes over custody and similar issues arise. There are many affordable lawyers out there, and you’ll learn how to find them in this guide to finding an affordable divorce lawyer to represent you.

You Need a Divorce Lawyer

While some states may have a do-it-yourself divorce, studies show that these often lead to unintended consequences. For example, in an amicable divorce, a husband might agree to give the woman sole custody of the children because she tells him that he can see them and have them at his home frequently. But then one of them gets remarried, and feelings become more bitter between the ex-spouses. What was once an amicable verbal agreement no longer matters. It’s not in writing, so the father finds out he has no legal grounds for regular visitation with his kids. He’s given away his rights without knowing it. That’s just one scenario, and women are hurt by issues like this just as often as the men are. Check here for some reasons you may need to hire a child custody attorney.

Where to Look for Divorce Lawyers

As you interview attorneys to find the one you want to represent you, ask about fees. Some family law attorneys are so busy that they won’t take any more work and if they do they will charge you more for it. Shop around, check on-line, ask your friends who they know. These days, most divorce lawyers – even very seasoned ones – are willing to work with their clients to find a cost structure that fits them. Avoid very cheap divorce lawyers who offer very low prices, because you probably won’t get good representation. The point is, don’t make the cost your only consideration. Look for affordable divorce lawyers with good experience that seem committed to doing the best to represent you.

In some cases, divorce lawyers will handle a client for free. For example, if a person can’t work, an attorney might agree to take their case without charge or pro bono. If a young mother is working her way through school to provide for her children, this is another scenario in which pro bono divorce attorney work is a possibility.

Paying Divorce Lawyers Fees

There are typically two ways that family law attorneys get paid. The first is a set rate for the entire divorce process, which can seem very affordable. In simple divorces where there are few assets and no kids, this might be the way to go. However, in contentious divorces cases and those where children are involved, this isn’t the wisest plan. You might not get the best representation if the low-cost divorce attorney has to put in more hours than he or she expected their work on your behalf might suffer.

For complex divorces, the best choice is to pay a divorce attorney for the actual time they put in. If you expect a cash settlement in the divorce, some legal counsel will forego payment until after that divorce settlement. Others will require payment in an ongoing manner. Discuss these issues with all the divorce lawyers before you choose the one you want to represent you. Hopefully, you will be able to find one that is competent and low-cost that is willing to work on your behalf based on your needs and circumstances.