Cheap DUI Lawyers

DUI lawyers represent clients that have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. They are also known as DWI lawyers or attorneys since some states use the designation “driving while intoxicated.” Other acronyms include OUI for operating under the influence, DWUI for driving while under the influence or similar terms. You’re probably familiar with the terms used in your state.

The Importance of Having a DUI Attorney

When an individual is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, they usually hire a DUI lawyer after the fact. The attorney will meet with them to discuss their case. DUI lawyers are trained to find problems with the way the arresting officer or others handled the process. Problems are often uncovered in the way a breathalyzer test, blood test or urine test was administered or how field sobriety tests were conducted. Technical problems are common also. For example, breathalyzer readings can be as much as 15% different from actual blood alcohol levels. Medications, diabetes, dieting, smoking and other things can also produce breathalyzer results higher than they should be.  In many cases, skilled DUI attorneys can have cases thrown out when they discover procedural errors that have occurred or when test results are shown to be tainted or inaccurate.

DUI lawyers also handle zero tolerance cases for drivers who are under the legal drinking age. If tests show they have any alcohol in their system, they are charged with some form of driving under the influence. DUI attorneys might also take cases where others substances such as marijuana or prescription drugs could be the source of failed sobriety tests. If your case falls into any of these categories, it makes sense to discuss it with one or more DUI attorneys. In all cases, DUI lawyers will explore plea bargains with their clients or proceed to trial if that is what the client wants.

No matter what the circumstances of your arrest are, a trained and experienced attorney will help you negotiate the minefield of DUI cases. He or she will work to minimize the negative consequences for you as a client. This might involve getting fines reduced, helping you maintain your driver’s license or shortening the time it is suspended, and working to keep you from serving time in jail. It’s important to hire knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel when faced with the harsh penalties of a DUI arrest and conviction.

DUI Attorney Fees

In DUI cases, attorneys work on a fee per hour basis. Fees vary greatly, from under $100 per hour to more than $500 per hour. An average range for DUI lawyers is $75-$200 per hour. You can find affordable DUI attorneys if you do some looking. Contact several and ask about fees in order to locate low-cost DUI lawyers in your area. Most DUI attorneys will require a retainer fee up front and then will bill on an hourly basis from there. Some attorneys promise to handle your entire DUI case for a single fee, and these can look like a good deal. Keep in mind, though, if your case is complex or goes to trial, you might not get the best representation from an attorney whose earnings are limited.

Pro Bono DUI attorneys are quite rare. In some cases, where the attorney believes that the driver has been railroaded or treated very improperly, he or she might take pro bono work. But again, this doesn’t happen often. Feel free to ask, but most DUI attorneys won’t work for nothing. If your financial situation is difficult, discuss it with the attorneys you talk with. There’s a good chance you’ll find affordable DUI lawyers who will work within your budget while providing you with the competent legal representation you need.