Family Law Attorneys

If your getting a divorce a Family Law Attorneys can usually handle your caseFamily Law Attorneys offer a personal touch with basic legal matters. More accessible than most lawyers, a family lawyer is there to answer basic legal family questions. Like any industry, the legal field has a wide range of specialty attorneys, with each type of attorney offering different services. One legal field includes family law, but many people may be unaware what types of services a family law attorney offers. Unlike personal injuryDUI lawyers, or immigration attorneys, family law attorneys are not known for litigation in criminal type cases.

In this page of our Low Cost Legal website, we’re going to share the primary roles of a Family Lawyer, and what types of services you can expect from yours.

Divorce and Annulment

For anyone considering a divorce, or who needs to obtain an annulment, a family lawyer is the first person to contact. A family attorney will not only be familiar with divorce law, but with other matters that come up during a divorce.

The family law attorney will be able to advise clients on alimony, child support, and child custody, as well as recommend a fair and equitable dissolution of marital property. In states where same-sex civil unions are permitted, the family lawyer will also be familiar with laws regarding dissolution of those relationships as well. While a DIY divorce is often attractive to couples with little money to pay an attorney, a family lawyer can make the process very affordable.

Child Custody and Support

Often part of a divorce, a family lawyer can advise clients on the laws related to custody and support even if the parents of the children were never married. The same is true of same-sex couples who have adopted children or used a surrogate to become parents. In addition to understanding laws related to the parents of children who have separated, a family law attorney can also advise grandparents regarding their rights related to visitation when there is a breakdown in a relationship.

After a divorce, the non-custodial parent may have to pay child support to the custodial parent, and a family lawyer can offer advice about income, expenses and other factors that are used to determine the amount of child support necessary.

Pre-Marital Advice – Prenuptial Agreements

Many people are unaware that a family lawyer can be valuable even before a couple marries. They can advise couples on prenuptial agreements so both parties can protect assets. In some states, a family law attorney can arrange for a cohabitation agreement. This agreement can specify what happens to assets should a couple separate without marrying. The lawyer can also arrange for special agreements after a couple has married should there be a need to protect the assets of one or both couples due to a change in circumstances.

Adoptions and Name Changes

A family attorney can also provide assistance should a couple choose to adopt a child. Whether it is a step parent adopting the child of their spouse from a previous relationship, or a couple who chooses to adopt an unrelated child, a family attorney can help answer your questions. Also, a family law attorney can provide assistance with name changes, whether it is for a child or in the case of an adult who simply chooses to use a different name for professional or personal reasons.

Domestic Violence

Although domestic violence cases are criminal matters handled by the police and local prosecutors, a family lawyer can provide advice regarding restraining orders and other matters relating to those charges. A family lawyer can offer advice regarding protection from the abuser, help locate shelters or other safe locations for victims who have suffered abuse and provide information regarding the best ways to stay safe from someone who has become violent.

Small Claims Court and your Family Attorney

If you find yourself facing a small claims court situation, your family lawyer may be a big help. Whether as a plaintiff or a defendant, it will be in your best interest to at least talk to an attorney. Being properly prepared for court is always in your best interest. While many states do not allow lawyer representation in court, many do. If your state does not permit your attorney in court, you can still have an attorney help prepare your case and make suggestions. A family law attorney may be a big help here and not charge an excessive fee for putting together the proper game plan.

Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

Family law attorneys can review your initial thoughts of whether or not to file a Social Security Disability Claim. In most cases, the first filing of a disability claim is straightforward, and you probably do not need any help. That said, you will also face a high probability that your first claim will be rejected, with or without legal representation. At this time your family law attorney can file an appeal for you or recommend a top Social Security disability lawyer to file an appeal.

In Conclusion

Family law can be complicated and requires extensive legal knowledge both at the local and state level, as well as federal mandates that cover family matters. Family law attorneys must be compassionate and understanding. Most clients who seek their assistance are dealing with hard, emotional and stressful circumstances. Without the proper legal guidance, many individuals will make decisions that are not in their best interest. If unsure always seek the advice of an attorney.