Low Cost Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers should fill out a Compensation Form to understand all damagesPersonal injury lawyers help victims recover damages when the negligence of others has caused them injury or harm. These trial attorneys might specialize in a specific field of personal injury or handle cases more broadly.

The range of cases personal injury lawyers work on includes medical malpractice lawsuits, slip and fall cases, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, harassment, discrimination, wrongful death, property negligence, wrongful termination and more. Any time the negligence of a person – in something they did or should have done but didn’t—injures, kills or in any way harms another person, it can be the basis for a successful suit brought by personal injury attorneys.

Paying for Personal Injury Lawyers

There are a few cheap personal injury attorneys but are you sure you want one? If you have been injured severely you probably do not really want the cheapest attorney you can get. In personal injury lawsuits, a lawyer will usually take the case on a contingency basis. This means you don’t have to pay them anything up front. This would not the same as a pro bono personal injury lawyer who would work for fee. Very few really good attorneys will work pro bono. Once in a while, if you have a high-profile case, a really good lawyer may work for free to get the publicity. Maybe you have a case against a large manufacturer and the lawyer will get a lot of exposure. Maybe the victim has been severely and permanently injured and needs every dollar for medical bills and family care.

Personal injury attorneys, also known as PI attorneys, usually agree to take a case in return for a percentage of any settlement or judgment that is gained. They usually receive 1/3 of the settlement plus their fees, but this can be negotiated. If they lose the case, they receive nothing, and their work would then be essentially pro bono.

Low Cost Attorneys

Most PI lawyers will evaluate your case for free. They listen to the facts and review documentation. If the attorney believes you have a good case, they will agree to work for you. Feel free to discuss your case with several lawyers before you choose the one you want to represent you. In doing this, you might be able to find a lower cost attorney with fees that are reasonable.

This is important because, in addition to a percentage of the settlement, they will have their fees reimbursed out of the settlement or judgment proceeds. If the attorney receives 1/3 of the settlement and has put in many hours on the case, the total amount paid to them can come to 1/2 of the total settlement or even more. This is important to keep in mind as you are interviewing potential attorneys. Attorney fees vary with some working for less than $100 per hour and others charge more than $500 per hour. The typical range for affordable personal injury attorneys is $75-$200 per hour.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

As you consider which attorney to hire look for experienced, affordable personal injury lawyers with reasonable fees. Secondly, try to choose an attorney that has specific experience in the type of case you have like medical malpractice, motor vehicle injury, dog bite, slip and fall, etc. Hiring the most experienced attorney will give you the best chance of success and the largest potential settlement or judgment.