Low Cost Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Vehicle Accident Lawyers should always review the police accident reportVehicle accident lawyers represent clients who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of personal injury lawsuits filed each year. Many vehicle-related accidents are caused by driver error, negligence, cell phones and alcohol. Vehicle accident attorneys take cases involving boats, automobiles, motorcycles, commercial trucks and more. Therefore, in any situation where an operator is negligent, a personal injury attorney should be involved in the case. This is true whether the injured person was also in the same vehicle, another motor vehicle, riding a bike, jogging or walking.

There are also times when it isn’t another driver that was negligent. Sometimes it is the manufacturer of the motor vehicle that you or the other person is operating. Brakes fail, steering goes out, accelerators stick, airbags fail to deploy. These are just a few examples of defective parts in a motorized vehicle that can and do cause injuries.

Do You Need a Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

If you bring a lawsuit against someone for operating their vehicle in a negligent manner, you should have an attorney. Lawsuits will be defended by experienced attorneys from the defendant’s insurance company. You will need a competent attorney working for you if you hope to be successful. Some states allow individuals to file personal injury lawsuits without a lawyer while this is not recommended in most cases.

Having competent legal representation from a personal injury lawyer will help you be successful in your case and also produce the largest settlement or judgment for you. In addition, if the defendant claims the vehicle malfunctioned and it wasn’t their fault, a skilled attorney will have the resources to determine exactly what happened and whether the driver or the equipment is at fault. Taking on an automobile company over equipment failure is nothing to try on your own!

Low Cost Vehicle Accident Lawyers

If you are injured and unable to work, you might find it difficult covering your bills. Now you have to worry about finding affordable and qualified legal representation. The good news is that affordable vehicle accident lawyers are available to help you on contingency. This means that they will require no payment up front and only charge you once the case has been settled or a judgment has been won. If your lawyer loses the case, they don’t get paid at all, hence you can expect them to be working very hard for you and themselves. The pay structure for contingency cases includes a percentage of the settlement or judgment – often 1/3 – plus any legal fees.

In concussion, look for affordable vehicle accident lawyers with reasonable fees. Most lawyers will work on contingency and charge you only if you win your case and receive a monetary reward. Most of the time this contingency fee is 1/3 the settlement plus any fees like filing costs that your vehicle accident lawyer may incur. You probably won’t find pro bono vehicle accident lawyers, but some might be willing to work for free if it is obvious that a client will need every dollar from a settlement in order to pay for medical bills and provide for their family.