Divorce Settlements, What Information You Should Make Available to Your Attorney

The more information you can give to your divorce attorney, the better representation you will get in your divorce case.

In this Low Cost Legal guide we will give you an overview of what your divorce lawyer will need to know from you in order to do the best job for you in your divorce case.

Tell your Divorce Attorney the Reasons for your Divorce

While many states have “no fault” divorce, the reasons for the divorce can affect important results such as child custody and visitation rights concerning the children. If your spouse was abusive in any way to you or your children, this should be told to the court. If you believe your spouse is not a good parent, let your attorney know your reasons for thinking this so that valid factors can be used by the court in determining custody and visitation issues.

Tell your Divorce Attorney your Concerns about your Spouse

Does your spouse abuse alcohol or drugs?  Does he or she have anger issues? Are they involved in anything criminal?  This information should be in the hands of your divorce lawyer so that the safety and well-being of you and your children can be considered by the court.

Tell your Divorce Attorney all Financial Details

It’s the law in most states that you must disclose all of your assets. If you don’t and this is discovered later, you could be held in contempt of court. In addition, if your spouse has an addictive spending or gambling habit or took out credit in your name without your permission, your attorney should know this so that the court can consider it in the settling of assets.

If you are in a low-income situation and would have a hard time paying divorce attorney fees, let your attorney know. Knowing your financial situation might open the door for discounted legal fees or perhaps you can find a pro-bono attorney and get some of the  legal work done for free.

A good divorce lawyer will ask the right questions of you to gather the information that he or she needs. Find an experienced, successful divorce attorney and trust them with the information they need to do the best job for you and your children.