I’m a Single Mom | Where Do I Find Low Cost Legal Options?

The budget is often very tight for single moms. If you’re a single mother and need affordable legal help, what are your options?

This low-cost legal guide will help you find the low-cost legal representation you need.

Low Cost Legal Aid for Family Issues

Free or Pro bono legal help is widely available for single mothers who need help with child support issues. The family court you are working with should be able to direct you to low-cost legal help in your area. If it cannot help you, then ask other single moms you know if they have received legal assistance for little or no cost. Many family law attorneys are very willing to help single moms obtain child support, so that they can adequately take care of their children.

If you still cannot find low-cost legal assistance, there are several websites that may help. You can search for free legal aid by state at LawHelp.org. You’ll find attorneys willing to give their time to make sure the father of your children meets his obligations or faces civil or criminal liability. The Single Parents Alliance of America may also be able to help. The organization is found at Spaoa.org.

Low Cost Legal Aid for Other Legal Matters

If your legal issue is not related to family matters, there are other sources of low-cost legal assistance. Attorneys in your area may be willing to take your case on contingency. This means that the lawyer will forego any payment contingent upon the outcome of the case.

For example, if you’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence and are out of work, caring for your kids will be very difficult. You may find one or more attorneys in your area who are willing to help you collect damages from the negligent person. Common personal injury lawsuits are the result of automobile accidents, slips and falls, unsafe workplace issues or medical malpractice.

When an attorney takes your case on contingency, he or she will only be paid if you get a settlement or jury award. If you don’t receive any money, the attorney is not paid. If you’ve been injured and you believe the negligence of another person was the cause, contact personal injury attorneys in your area for a free consultation.

Legal help is available to single moms who are struggling to care for their children. Take advantage of the resources outlined in this guide to get the free or low-cost legal help you need.

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