Top Reasons that You May Need a Vehicle Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in an accident, you might need the services of a competent vehicle accident attorney, often called a car accident attorney. Car accident lawyers are specialists in the business of fighting for your rights when you are in a motorcycle accident or any vehicle accident.

In this Low Cost Legal article we will outline the top reasons to call a vehicle accident attorney to represent you if you have been in a car accident.

Driving Recklessly

Reckless driving, including speeding, is negligence. If the driver of the other vehicle was driving recklessly in any way, they might be at fault and liable for damages. This could be true even if they weren’t given a ticket for reckless driving, speeding, running a red light, etc. If you believe the other driver was being reckless, ask an accident lawyer to evaluate the circumstances and advise you on how to proceed.

Distracted Driving

This is similar to reckless driving and can be just as deadly. Was the other driver texting? Did he or she have a carload of people making noise and playing music load?  These are common ways that young drivers are distracted, but a driver of any age can be distracted, like the couple with the two dogs in the front seat.

Traffic Violations

The other driver might have been attempting to drive safely, but if they were violating traffic laws, they might be liable. Examples of this include a driver that was following too closely, one that was going the wrong way on a one-way street, changing lanes improperly, failing to yield on a highway entry ramp and many more such violations. Again, even if the other driver did not receive a ticket, they might be negligent. Your car accident attorney should know the full details of what happened in order to get to the truth.

Impaired Driving

Do you have reason to believe that the other driver might have been impaired by alcohol, marijuana or other drugs or even prescription drugs?  If they were cited for DUI, your case is strengthened. But even if they were not given a ticket or arrested, it might be established through other means that they could have been impaired. Medical records for prescription drugs can be reviewed, for example, or it might be established through the testimony of witnesses that the person was drinking in a local bar.

Vehicle Failure

If your vehicle’s equipment fails, leading to an accident, the automaker may be liable for damages. Brake failure, sticking accelerators, broken axles and many other types of equipment failure can frequently lead to injury and death.

If you suspect any of these factors in your car accident, you should discuss your case with one or more vehicle accident attorneys. They often provide free case evaluation or even take your case pro bono. You might need to talk with several before you find the vehicle accident lawyer who has the right experience to take your case. Take your time interviewing car accident lawyers and retain the one you believe will do the best job fighting for your rights and is willing to seek the appropriate compensation.