10 Tips to Help You Find a DUI Lawyer That’s Right For You

Why devote an entire article to find a DUI lawyer? Because everyone knows someone who has been touched by a DUI case. After all, driving under the influence is the leading cause of traffic accidents in this country.

A DUI charge can rock a person both mentally and financially. Most people will try to seek out as much information as possible about the charges and spend endless hours speculating about the aftermath. In the process, they tend to hear only bad news and horror stories about the consequences of begin charged with DUI.

One of the greatest worries for someone with a DUI charge is jail-time. Jail time for a DUI conviction is a real possibility and in the past more than 50 percent of the people charged with a DUI ended up in jail. That proportion has raised in recent years to almost 75 percent due to increasing traffic accidents and the involvement of minors.

In addition, as many as 90 percent of those charged with a DUI seek professional help to solve their cases. The truth is that people facing DUI charges should always get a good, reliable lawyer. This way, they are minimizing their chances of spending time in jail and placing the odds in their favor.

With that in mind, here are the 10 tips to finding a DUI lawyer that is right for you:

1. The best approach to finding the right lawyer is to ask for referrals – from friend, family, colleagues, clients and anyone else you may know.

2. Select someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in handling DUI cases similar to yours. Collecting enough evidence in your favor is the key component of DUI cases and the right lawyer can make this effort more successful.

3. Avoid former prosecutors looking for jobs. Some of these individuals are just former players and may not necessarily possess current knowledge about changes in the law. It is always better to seek someone active in the industry.

4. A DUI lawyer needs to have local knowledge and laws pertaining to your area. He or she should be familiar with your case without any exceptions.

5. Some firms hire case managers to go to court with you. This way you are taken advantage of by hiring a non-professional to deal with the court in order to save money and time of real DUI lawyers. Avoid such firms when you can.

6. Beware of promises made by DUI lawyers in solving your case. A DUI is one of the serious offenses, and the verdict may or may not be in your favor. Therefore, those who promise to bring only positive results either do not know what they are doing or are just trying to fool you.

7. The end result always matters. Many DUI lawyers say what they will do for you and forget to ask what your expectations are with respect to the case.

8. The DUI lawyer you choose should be able to represent you in the criminal court as well as the DMV. Understanding the Department of Motor Vehicles rules in your state is very important. Choose someone who can be ‘all-in-one’ for your case.

9. Another factor to consider while choosing a DUI lawyer is whether the lawyer is able to answer your questions without confusions or hesitation. Your money is worth spending on someone who will make the case easier for you to understand and follow.

10. Remember, cheap is not always the best. Your freedom to live peacefully is on the line when you are facing a DUI charge, so select a lawyer who can offer quality work rather than cheap service.

In Conclusion

It is always best to have legal representation if you are facing a DUI charge. Jail time, financial problems, losing your driver’s license, possibly losing your job and spending endless hours speculating about all these consequences of begin charged with DUI. It is well worth your time to understand the above 10 tips to help you find a DUI lawyer that’s right for you, and then hire them.