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Stopped For DUI Investigation, Do I Have a Right to an Attorney?

Every person has the right to an attorney, and that includes any driver who is stopped for suspicion of a DUI. This Low Cost Legal guide will help you understand your rights and what your options are if you are stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence. You Have a Right to Consult an Attorney about a […]

Pro Bono Lawyers, How to Find and Hire a Free Bankruptcy or Divorce Lawyer

Pro bono lawyers are those who donate their time and skill on behalf of low-income clients who would otherwise not be able to afford good legal representation. If you are considering bankruptcy or need a divorce lawyer, you might be interested in finding one that will work for you for free. In this low-cost legal […]

Motorcycle Accidents, Why You Need a Lawyer the Moment you Get Up!

If you’ve been injured while riding a motorcycle through the negligence of another individual, it makes sense to get a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. There are a number of reasons for this, and we’ll outline them in this guide. In this low cost legal website article we will outline the reasons you should seek legal […]