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What is a Diminished Value Claim and When to Hire a Lawyer?

When you’ve been in a car accident you assume the insurance company will pay to have your vehicle fixed at optimal repair value. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Car insurance is a necessity of life throughout the World, but the problems of fighting for what an individual involved in a car accident believes they […]

Four Steps to Take If Involved in a Rear-End Collision

What should you do when you’re slowing down to make a turn or sitting at a traffic light and you get hit from the rear by another driver?  In this age of cell phones and text messaging it has never been more common. Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you may have grounds […]

If I’m in a Car Accident, What Facts Should I Gather From the Other Driver

If you are involved in a car accident, there is quite a bit of information you should gather beyond the names and phone numbers of other drivers involved. This Low Cost Legal guide will help you know what information will be helpful to you in the event that you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit by […]