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What to Do If Your Spouse Files for a Divorce While You Are Deployed

Going through a divorce is never easy but having a spouse file for divorce while you’re deployed can create an especially difficult set of circumstances. The following information provides some advice regarding what to do if this happens while you’re deployed. Stay Focused This is obviously a time of incredible stress. Staying calm and rational […]

What Is Parental Alienation and How Does It Pertain to Family Law?

Divorce and separation have never been easy for couples, but, when children are involved, emotions are heightened tenfold. Custody arrangements can be very difficult and are usually of the utmost concern for both parents. Because of this, any divorce agreement that involves custody and visitationĀ arrangementsĀ can become easily warped into a prosecutors struggle between involved parties. […]

Searching for a Divorce Lawyer? Lets Get Started

Going Through a Divorce is Hard on all Parties. Follow the Tips Below for Planning Your Divorce and Finding a Reputable Divorce Attorney If you are planning on getting a divorce or have already started pursuing the divorce process, hiring the right lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. If […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy, Dealing with Large Marital Debt

Many people are divorced every year. Often, divorce is the direct or indirect result of financial problems that eat away at a couple’s relationship. The escalation of marital debt increases pressure placed upon one or both partners. Ultimately, this burgeoning debt level can cause the couple to seek a divorce, bankruptcy, or both. Unfortunately, while […]

The 4 Quickest Way to Finalize a Divorce

As anyone who’s been there knows, divorce can be one of the trickiest and most prolonged legal issues we face. For married couples who’ve lost the will to stay together and are seeking a quicker resolution to their nuptial, there are several options available for a quicker divorce. Keep in mind that times and regulations […]