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Slip and Fall Accidents and Winter Weather

Slip and fall accidents are extremely common, particularly during the winter months. During the winter the prevalence of snow and ice on sidewalks and streets always leads to an increase in emergency room visits . Slip and fall accidents aren’t only reserved for the outdoors during the winter months. Snow and ice being tracked inside stores […]

Biking Accident, Do I Have a Lawsuit If I’m Hit While Riding on a Public Street?

Bike riders win personal injury lawsuits frequently due to the negligence of drivers. The specific circumstances of the accident will determine whether or not you have grounds for a successful lawsuit. If a lawsuit is justified, you should be able to find an attorney to represent you for free. The litigation attorney will only be […]

Paying a Lawyer, What Types of Attorneys Work on Contingency Payment?

Everyone knows that attorney fees are high, often exceeding $200 per hour. Multiply that by the many hours involved in even minor legal procedures, and the legal costs can add up quickly. The cost of filing and pursuing a lawsuit can be well beyond what most people can pay. There’s a solution to this problem, however. […]